Growth Groups

Ongoing groups and classes with a goal of social and spiritual growth 

The Way of Mastery Study Group - Tuesdays

Group meets weekly on Tuesdays, 6:00 pm. at Peaceful Point, 2850 Peaceful Point Lane in Arroyo Grande. Bring a snack to share.   Contact Chris at

Do I have to study “A Course in Miracles” or “A Course of Love” before “The Way of Mastery”?  It is helpful but not mandatory.  “The Way of Mastery” provides very practical spiritual practices we can incorporate into our lives.  Book is $35

Quotes to give you a sampling:

“Know that you are loved, loving and lovable, and that, in truth, the only thing that is occurring is that an old dream is being released that a new dream might replace it—the dream of worthiness, peace, wakefulness and union with all of creation.” The Way of Mastery ~ Part One: The Way of the Heart

“Beloved friends, your life—your life—is your way home! If you do not live it fully, how can you ever arrive home? Therefore, fear not your greatness. Fear not the power that comes from embracing your life and claiming its value. Live it full out with every bit of passion you can muster! Embrace every second of it! Every time you wash your dish and your cup after breakfast, look upon these things and say: My God! This is my life! This is my pathway home! And I am going to live it!”

The Way of Mastery ~ Part One: The Way of the Heart

Links on the Shanti Christo Foundation website to read sample text:

The Way of the Heart:  (prints on 7 pages) 1.pdf

Men's Group

Meets Tuesday's in Arroyo Grande at 9:00 am for breakfast and discussion.  Meeting place varies so contact Chris for location. Members take turns bringing a spiritual topic to discus. Chris:


Click Here for Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.) website 

Youth of Unity has four main purposes:

  • Be of service to the community

  • Support each individual in expressing their own highest and best good

  • Live Unity Principles 

  • Build relationships and a safe community