Board Of Trustees


Martha Gutierrez  - President

Janice Lamont - Secretary

Joe Davidson  - Treasurer

Francis Howard  - Trustee

Martha Aivaz  - Trustee

Rachel Rodriguez  - Trustee

Donna Nisbet  - Alternate Trustee


Board Bio's

Martha Gutierrez  - President 

Martha has been attending Unity Five Cities for about 6 years, she relocated to the central coast from San Mateo County 10 years ago upon retiring. She worked at the College of San Mateo as a college counselor and attended Unity Church in Palo Alto, but her spiritual path started with Religious Science in San Francisco. Throughout her career, she served on various non-profit organization boards, and is happy to have joined Five Cities' Unity Board. She and her husband have been married 37 years and have one daughter.



Janice Lamont, Secretary  

Janice, whose father was a student of religion, grew up experimenting with churches, Catholic, Baptist, Unitarian, Science of Mind and Buddhist. With the Long Beach Hotline (a suicide prevention telephone service) she taught Facilitative Listening to other hotline staff around the western United States. Later, she spent time living in a spiritual community called I AM. After retiring from civil service in Los Angeles, she moved to the Central Coast and found the loving community at Unity-Five Cities. Janice has two daughters, two granddaughters and enjoys singing in the choir, playing her ukulele, ballroom dancing and writing poetry which can sometimes turn into a nice little song. She has not been a board member before but is ready to put her lifetime skills to work to serve the Unity-Five Cities congregation for the next two years.


Joe Davidson, Treasurer 

Joe grew up in Oklahoma City attending Putnam City United Methodist Church. He received a Master's Degree in Geology from Oklahoma State University and began work in Tulsa. From there, he went to Houston, then Bakersfield, and then to Santa Maria, where he retired after a 38-year career working for numerous oil companies. While in Bakersfield, he was married and raised a son and stepson. He performed with a theatrical non-profit in melodrama for eight years to raise money for the Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. He was active at the Center for Spiritual Living, Bakersfield, where he was head of grounds and maintenance, served on the Board, and sang in the choir. Joe is blessed with loving family and friends, including those at Unity Five Cities, where he serves on the Board, helps with the audio/visual, and sings in the choir. Hobbies include gardening, music, ballroom dancing, and antique cars.


Francis Howard 

Francis, now 72, is a _8 year member of Unity Five Cities, 7 year member of the board, and volunteer/fill-in for whatever is needed. Current hobbies are ACOL practice (A Course of Love), student of ACIM (A Course in Miracles) , RV restoration and managing funds to feed and educate children he knows in Nicaragua who call him abuelo (grandpa) because he raised their parents there until 2001.




Donna Nisbet  

Donna says, “I love Unity.”  She is a retired school teacher from Hermosa Beach and has been a member of Unity for 20 some years. She is a facilitator for Alternatives to Violence Program that  works to reduce further crime by incarcerated men and women.  She has been on various committees including clean up for Unity.  Donna is also a member of the Trilogy Service Club that raises funds for non-profits.  She says, “I truly feel thankful that I am in Unity.”




Martha Aivaz 

I was introduced to Unity in the late 1980’s.  I was hooked on the teachings of the Fillmore’s, co-founders of the Unity movement.  At Unity of Naples, FA I was a Sunday school teacher for five years.

 In 1990, I moved back to San Luis Obispo county, making my home in Oceano, where I still am. Upon my arrival, I immediately became a member of San Luis Obispo Unity.  Served as a Sunday school teacher, then with the encouragement of Jo Parkening, began licensed teacher and Spiritual Leader classes at Unity Village. Graduated August 4, 1996.

In 1999, Patty Moralles, Therese Solimeno, and I co-founded Five Cities Unity.  In approximately 2006, I retired as Spiritual Leader.

Serving on the Board of Trustee’s is a true pleasure, with the beautiful energy of all who attend Church, we have a wonderful Unity Family.

Having one daughter who is a true delight in my life, also the “many” feral cats that I’ve helped Mother Nature care for, for the past seventeen years.


Rachel Rodriguez  

Rachel Rodriguez grew up attending  Unity Church of San Luis Obispo and was happiest sitting with her mother during service, though a very close second was enjoying Martha Aivaz's company in Sunday School helping entertain fellow children. She now serves on the board of trustees along side Martha and has been a member of Unity Five Cities for 3 years. Her specialty is making coffee & setting-up refreshments in the fellowship hall for post service enjoyment. She finds great joy in serving her congregation and in hugging as many people as possible each Sunday.  Half way through her first term on the board, she looks forward to serving the Five Cities Unity community for many years to come.



What does the Board of Trustees do?

The Board of Trustees directs the business portion of our organization through the development of goals and policies that are in line with our Unity teachings and vision and mission statements.

The Board duties include:

- Visioning the future and implementing our vision and mission statements

- Receiving a wide range of input

- Providing leadership and allowing the staff to handle administrative detail

- Decision making by consensus

- Actively looking for and implementing new ideas and concepts

Regular Board meetings are at least one a month, more if needed. A notice of the time and place of each Board meeting appears in the Sunday bulletin and is normally the third Sunday of the month after the Sunday Celebration. All Board meetings are open to the congregation except during Executive Sessions, which are solely for discussion of confidential issues.

The Board of Trustees consists of five to seven members serving two-year terms and are elected by the Congregation.