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Life Ahead

By Janice Lamont


As the planet revolves around the dying sun, we surely know the unraveling is to come

I would have us matured and blossomed and been mindful tenants who have brought us from injury to wholeness, from scarcity to abundance and from sorrow to a song of oneness

Knowledge of the dying Sun is a springboard. We use our God-given gifts to love and enhance all life on earth even as it spirals to it’s inevitable disintegration.

Release Yourself from Prison

by Therese Solimeno, Licensed Unity Teacher

Many years ago I read this story in a book entitled Nothing is Too Good to be True:

There was a man imprisoned for 20 years in the dungeon of a castle.  Twice a day the guard brought the prisoner his meals, waited for him to eat, then left, closing the door behind him.  Finally the prisoner's sentence was up and he waited impatiently for the guard, who just stoood outside the door.

"Hurry up and unlock the door," said the prisoner.  "I can't wait to be free."

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